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HAD the grand theft of gold Zambians are witnessing under the patronage of President Hakainde Hichilema happened under former President Edgar Lungu, the UPND in tandem with civil society organisations would have gone to town to vilify, abuse and demonise the former head of State, Mutotwe Kafwaya has said.

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Yesterday, the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) announced it had seized two planes with US$5.6 million, five pistols, seven magazines, 126 rounds of ammunition, 602 pieces of Gold and machinery to confirm the Gold.

But Mr Kafwaya said former President Lungu would have been vilified had the theft of the Gold and millions of dollars that had been seized taken place during his tenure.

Mr Kafwaya said that former President Lungu had suffered as he was accused of a lot of atrocities even when he was not guilty.

“Can you imagine Edgar Lungu (former President) is in power and a plane lands with a sole purpose of getting processed Gold? Can you imagine how the politicians, CSOs would react? They would have grilled him mercilessly,” Mr Kafwaya said.

Featuring on Hot FM Radio on a programme dubbed Hot Seat yesterday, Mr Kafwaya said former President Lungu had really suffered as he was maliciously attacked by the CSOs which had ganged up with the UPND in the opposition at the time.

He said Zambians were now seeing real thievery under the UPND because the cash and Gold scandal which happened at the KKIA would have resulted into the country losing millions in dollars apart from Gold, its precious mineral.

“Edgar Lungu walichulile. Walichulile (Edgar Lungu, you suffered…you really suffered). This is when we are seeing bu kabwalala (grand stealing) of the highest order,” Mr Kafwaya said.

He said the PF had been vindicated because time and again, the former ruling party had indicated that Gold was being stolen on planes but that the UPND government had rubbished the allegations as mere rhetoric.

Mr Kafwaya said he was Minister of Transport and that there was no way a plane could have landed during his tenure without him or former President Lungu being briefed.

He said that he was sure that the plane would be cleared because the suspected owners were allegedly bankrolling the UPND activities, warning that it was just a matter of time before all involved would be made to account.

Mr Kafwaya said if the plane was allowed to leave, then the Zambia Revenue Authority should allow all the impounded trucks belonging to Zambians to be set free.

“Planes cannot land in the country without permission, it has all the permission. Somebody should explain this to the Zambian people. Sugilite was stolen in Kabwe, what we get is people 



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