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DO NOT keep quiet, defend government decisions that are being made with a focus on economic recovery, New Congress Party (NCP) president Peter Chanda has challenged UPND Alliance partners. Pastor Chanda said most of the alliance partners have gone mute and left the talking to President Hakainde Hichilema and the ruling party to defend the policies that have not settled well with the people.

He said in an interview that the silence of most of the partners doesn’t only put them in bad light but proves that they were in a partnership with UPND for jobs and nothing else. Pastor Chanda said it’s unfortunate that instead of President Hichilema focusing on advancing economic and social development, he was the one talking more than most of the political parties that entered into an alliance with the ruling party.

“Most of the UPND Alliance partners have failed President Hichilema, instead of talking more and defending government policies they are quiet and have left the talking to him,” he said. Pastor Chanda said their silence shows that the partnership entered into was not genuine but was purely for positions in the UPND administration.

He has however com[1]mended President Hichilema for appointing some of the alliance members to government positions. Pastor Chanda said this proves that President Hichilema respects people he worked with while in the opposition.


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