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SOME members of the Zambia Police Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society have demanded that the cooperative  be disbanded and the money shared claiming they are not benefiting from their savings.

The members also called for auditing of books of account at the cooperative to ascertain how the money collected through monthly deductions is being managed and how much has been invested and in what projects. 

The officers who requested for anonymity for fear of victimization by their superiors, said in an interview that despite contributing monthly savings, they have not been benefiting anything from belonging to the group.

The police officers who have been contributing to the thrift society said they see no need to continue belonging to the cooperative when they are denied access to their savings.

They said government through the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security should come to the aid of members by stopping what they called day light robbery of the hard earned money under the pretext of belonging to a saving cooperative. 

They also complained that despite members calling upon the command to reorganize the cooperative to make it user friendly to the contributors, nothing has been done to address the raised issues. 

“We have been contributing but when it comes to access our savings, it’s always the same story that there is no money in the account but now we are wondering where they take our contributions,” complained the officers. 


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