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DMMU to evacuate Namwala flood victims

ALL families affected by floods will be evacuated to camps for safety, Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator Gabriel Pollen has said.

Dr. Pollen, who visited the worst hit flood area of Namalyo Fishing Camp located at the boundary between Namwala and Monze where the rising waters have affected most households, is confident the exercise dubbed “Lugwasho” will be successfully undertaken.

Dr. Pollen, who flew to the area by helicopter had challenges to land as the ground is submerged forcing him to disembark from the aircraft and wade in the flooded plains for about two kilometres to reach the fishing camp.

He later mingled with flood victims who have been waiting for evacuation to both Chilumino and Hamusonde DMMU camps.

He told the flood victims that the government will do whatever it takes to save their lives and that this is why he had to personally visit the area despite difficulties in reaching there.

Dr. Pollen, who witnessed the evacuation of the flood victims by MI 17 ZAF Chopper said the government stands ready to ensure all the disaster victims are taken to safer areas.

He said the families in the two camps will receive food and other forms of assistance so that they are able to lead decent lives.

And Zambia Air-force Southern Region Air Defence Commander Colonel Lemmy Chisale said the rising water level in the fishing camp is causing challenges to land the aircrafts.

He however said the defence force is using other strategies to access the flooded areas to conduct the evacuation exercise.

Meanwhile, ZANIS reports that over 366 individuals have so far been evacuated to camps in Namwala and Monze. – ZNBC.

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