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NOW that the 48-hous ultimatum that was given to Mwenya Musenge to vacate the party secretariat has elapsed the matter shall be reported to the police because his group was illegally occupying the premise, National Democratic Congress (NDC) faction leader Saboi Imboela has said.

Ms. Imboela said in an interview that the NDC secretariat was supposed to be closed because the Mwenya Musenge-led NDC were not the legal office holders so they were not supposed to occupy the place.
She said they would go ahead and report the matter to the police after she confirms with their lawyers if the other camp received the letter for them to vacate the secretariat on time.
Meanwhile, Ms Imboela has advised Mr Musenge to go back to his party which he formed, the Agenda for Human Development (AHD) instead of clinging or forcing himself to be a leader of the rebel faction of the NDC where he has been rejected.

Ms Imboela said Mr Musenge should leave the NDC rebel faction because he had been rejected by senior party officials like Father Richard Luonde, Bridget Atanga, Muyenga Atanga, Newton Chabala and others who had opted to join the UPND immediately he took over the leadership of the rebel faction.

Ms Imboela was reacting to Mr Musenge’s statement that she must stop the nonsense of saying she has given him 48 hours to vacate the secretariat or else he would make her eat her own words.

Mr Musenge could however not explain on what he meant by making Ms Imboela eat her own words, but added that his respect for her must not be mistaken to be a sign of weakness.
But Ms Imboela said instead of exchanging words over NDC, Mr Musenge should go back to his party, the AHD so that he could prove himself that he was a better leader and prove his critics wrong.

“We are both parents besides being politicians and so we should not waste time talking about the same thing over and over. So Mr Musenge should go back to his party, the AHD which he formed instead of clinging or forcing himself on the leadership of the rebel faction of NDC where he has been rejected.”

Ms Saboi described Mr Musenge as a political pendulum who went to form a political party that he had failed to mobilise and was now brought back by Joseph Rikki Akafumba to cause confusion.

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