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Time will vindicate PF


TIME will vindicate the Patriotic Front (PF) and those who think that the former ruling party was a bad government must wait patiently and see what will come from the UPND government, which has not only proved to be a government of liars, but has also entertained its brutal cadres, the PF has warned.

PF Copperbelt mobilisation secretary Kangwa Puta said the UPND government has proved to be a government of liars because, apart from failing to fulfil the promises it set for itself during campaigns, it has also failed to bring order and sanity as evidenced by the beating up of a civil servant in Kasama by its cadres.

In an interview in Ndola yesterday, Ms Puta said the new dawn administration of President Hakainde Hichilema had promised to stop caderism and bring order and sanity in the country, but the promise was has been futile and an addition to the New Dawn’s  many other lies and unfulfilled promises.

Ms Puta said it was astonishing that in a very short span of time in which the UPND has been in government, its cadres cannot contain themselves to behave in an acceptable manner.

Ms Puta said the recent physical and verbal attack on the District administration Officer in Kasama, by UPND cadres, left many right Zambians wondering what was happening in the country whose government had vowed to bring law and order in the country .

The manhandling, for that matter, of a female civil servant, a mother, was mind boggling and a disgusting, disgrace on the UPND Government. This has shown the nation that there is no capacity to discipline or bring order, in the UPND,” she added

As for the defections, especially the Kalulushi  one, Ms Puta said such were just UPND stage managed, so that they can fool the communities into thinking that they are popular. 

Firstly, I would like to bring to your attention that the person leading the defection had resigned from the PF ages ago, even before the August 2021 election. She stood as an Independent candidate. Where and what was she defecting from? Her independence? “Secondly, the UPND lost popularity just a few months after assuming office,  when people realised that they had been given a raw-deal! A deal infested with lies and propaganda. It’s difficult to trust the UPND government because we all know that they don’t tell the truth.  They are not capable of fulfilling their campaign promises, so they have to find ways to divert peoples attention,” Ms Puta said.

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