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‘30 stolen cattle from Namibia forfeited to the state’


THIRTY cattle that were intercepted by community members in Ngwezi areas in Kazungula have been transported into Livingstone for disposal.

The cattle was suspected to have been stolen from Namibia and brought into Zambia for slaughtering.

However, the animals were intercepted and forfeited to the state due to lack of proper documentation and permit for livestock movements as there is a ban in the district.

Kazungula District Commissioner Elias Siamibila who confirmed the development in Livingstone said tthe animals will be disposed of.

Mr Siamibila explained that the decision to dispose of the animals was arrived after 30 days elapsed without bonafide owners from Namibia coming to claim ownership of the animals. He said that what now remains is for the government to slaughter the animals, share the meat to charitable organisations or sell the meat to butcheries.

Mr Siamibila also said that the three Namibians who were involved in the movement of the cattle are in custody in Livingstone


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