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ACC officer recalls insults during search


A SENIOR Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), investigations officer has narrated in the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court how he kept calming his officers as they reported being insulted while   conducting a search at Amos Chanda’s home.

Mr Friday Tembo, 50, the sixth witness said Mr Chanda called him stupid in a phone conversation and insulted other officers as they were conducting a search at his residence.

He said he advised his officers to put all the insults showered on them in one bag as they would return to them when the law took its course.

Mr Tembo said he remained outside manning the gate and did not take part in the search, information was just brought to him by officers that they were baptized with insults as they conducted the search. 

“I did not hear any insults at Elm Road residence because I remained outside the gate as officers were conducting a search inside the premise. I was told the challenges my officers faced during the search,” he said.

Mr Tembo stated that the only insult he heard from Mr Amos was “stupid” and that he called them idiots, imposters, criminals who were just sent.

“Being the   supervisor, I will describe the search as unsatisfactory because it took us close to two hours to finish as our normal searches takes 20 to 25 minutes. 

Officers faced a lot of challenges as they were conducting the search which shouldn’t be the case,” he said.

Accused number seven, Joseph Mbewe, 31, of Chamba Valley, also an Investigation officer at ACC said he was allocated a new complaint for investigations of the case of Mr Chanda and two others.

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