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‘Bus fares won’t be reduced’


Bus fares will not be reduced despite the reduction of fuel and diesel prices, the Bus and Taxi Drivers Association of Zambia has charged.

Bus and Taxi operators Association Secretary General Sydney Mbewe said yesterday this is because government has not addressed the issue of having a uniform system that controls the reduction and increment in transport fares in comparison to the percentage in increment of fuel.

The Energy Regulations Board (ERB) on Monday announced the reduction in fuel prices after conducting its first monthly price review which saw petrol being reduced by K1.32 while diesel has been reduced by K1.22.

But Mr Mbewe also said that the Petroleum product price monthly review by ERB may also affect the stability in transport fares which disadvantages the operators in terms of planning.

And Commuter Association of Zambia president Aaron Kamuti is concerned that the public transport system in Zambia has given so much power to the operators leaving out Commuters as stakeholders.

Mr Kamuti charges that the same way that the bus operators are quick to increase bus fares whenever there is an increment in fuel, they should act just as fast when it comes to reducing fares.


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