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IG gets ultimatum over leaked audio

LAWYERS representing the Democratic Party have given the Zambia Police Inspector General Lemmy Kajoba and the ZICTA a 14-day ultimatum to give the details of the leaked audio involving Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Josephs Akafumba and President Hakainde Hichilema’s special advisor for politics Levy Ngoma.

Mr Wynter Kabimba from W.M. Kabimba and Company said that they had given the two the ultimatum to give the authenticity of the audio which directly implicated the President and the Vice President.

He said they had written a demand letter to the IG for the Police and ZICTA to tell the general public what really transpired concerning the audio.

Mr Kabimba said if the two institutions did not respond he was going to court demanding for an order of Mandamus which is a judicial remedy in the form of an order from a court to any government, subordinate court, corporation, or public authority, to do some specific act which that body is obliged under law to do, and which is in the nature of public duty, and in certain cases one of a statutory duty.

“The day that audio went viral the director in the Ministry of Information went on radio claiming the audio was fake and that the individuals were mimicking and what we saw was the summoning of Harry Kalaba and KBN station manager,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said the authenticity of that audio was still pending and that is why we wrote to the IG and ZICTA to investigate the matter and give conclusive evidence.

He said that he advised his client to go that route because he had earlier written to the Speaker and even the Secretary to the Cabinet to have the two civil servants fired but that it was not possible.

Mr Kabimba said he advised his client to go to court and get an order of Mandamus to compel them to give the details of the audio.

He said he was confident the order of Mandamus could even save directors at ZICTA who were recently fired.

“The order of Mandamus can even save the five fired ZICTA directors who might even be reinstated since investigations would be conducted on what really transpired and by the way seven days has already elapsed,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said this was a serious matter and President Richard Nixon in the United States of America resigned before he could be impeached due to a similar matter hence Zambians did not have to take the matter with kid’s gloves.


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