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PF in rebranding hiccup


REBRANDING in the PF will have no meaning if the same people who were at the helm prior to the August 12 2021 General are brought back, Kantanshi MP, Dr Anthony Mumba has said.

Dr Mumba charged that for the rebranding to be a success there was need to have a regime change by putting people with fresh ideas.

He decried that only a few members of its central committee were meeting to discuss and plan for the party while, MPs and other members were just following without knowing what was happening.

But PF acting president Given Lubinda said to the contrary, the central committee had been communication with all PF MPs through their Parliamentary chief whip.

Mr Lubinda, who was reluctant to comment referred all queries to PF chief whip, Stephen Kampyongo to respond to the issues raised by Dr Mumba.

“The chief whip is the link between the central committee and MPs. In this case Honourable Stephen Kampyongo is the one who links MPs to the MCC, and if one MP is complaining about that, then the best person to clarify the matter is the Chief whip. I think if you call Hon. Kampyongo, he will be in a better position to explain,” Mr Lubinda said.

However, Mr Kampyongo was unreachable by press time.

Speaking when he was featured on Diamond Television on Monday evening, Dr Mumba said there was miscommunication in PF with only a few individuals holding on to important information such as the August 12, 2012 election postmortem report.

“There is miscommunication whereby, speaking for myself, I believe there is a group of people who meet to strategise and do all the things that needed to be done, then the rest you just start following. I think that is not right. When you are going to war, it is not just a few that sit together to map up the strategy. Everybody has to be party of planning,” he said.

He said he was expecting the central committee to release the postmortem report for all MPs and members to know and do serious introspection but it has been kept a secret.

Speaking for myself as PF MP for Kantanshi constituency, he said, I am not aware of the postmortem report. As a matter of fact, I have requested that the central committee releases this dossier for all of us to learn what actually happened. It is important to release the report that has been shelved somewhere and share it with us as MPs so that we learn and change our behaviour.

Dr Mumba also said he expected the PF leadership to provide a clear roadmap on the way forward as the party heads towards general conference slated for June.


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