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Avoid pork chops, consumers warned


AVOID consumption of pork products and i’s by-products following the outbreak of the African swine fever in some parts of the country, The Zambia Consumer Association (ZACA) has urged consumers.

ZACA Executive Secretary Juba Sakala said in an interview that the association is concerned with the outbreak of swine fever that has affected most farmers in Lusaka and the Copperbelt.

He said while the outbreak has threatened the meat industries, and the country anticipate shortage of pork products and Hungarian sausage, butcheries and chain stores should find alternative meat products to fill the gap.

“We also want to warn consumers to be extra careful and conscious because pork products are banned till the disease is under control, they should not fall pretty to people who will be selling pork products because it’s either from a dead pig or diseased.

Mr Sakala also urged local authorities to intensify inspection of butcheries in the townships and chain stores to ensure no one is selling pork products illegally.

“Following this ban on pork, it’s obvious that unscrupulous people will take advantage and start selling pork products illegally but the law should deal with them,” he said.

Meanwhile,  The Ministry Livestock and Fisheries in the Copperbelt has suspended the movement of live pigs for 14 days following suspected cases of African swine fever in tbe region.

Provincial Veterinary Officer,  Dr Hilda Lumbwe said the province is on high alert to any possible outbreak of African swine fever, adding that and mobile checks have been heightened.

“From now going forward, moving live pigs to other districts will require an escort from the veterinary office,” she said.

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