Don’t turn Parliament into military camp- Tutwa


PARLIAMENT should not be turned into a military camp or a place to intimidate citizens, lawyer, Tutwa Ngulube has said.

Mr Ngulube said it was sad that Parliament was still using the old colonial rule where they want to intimidate everyone.

Mr Ngulube, who is lawyer to Patriotic Front, chairman for Information and Publicity Raphael Nakacinda, said this at Parliament where his client was scheduled to appear yesterday.

And Mr Nakacinda has vowed not to be intimidated, saying Parliament should not behave like a court where it wants to behave as if it wants to jail people.

Mr Ngulube however said Parliament is not above reproach and should not think that it cannot criticized and should stop putting fear in the people who have a right to speak out on governance issues.

“Parliament should not be above reproach and should stop intimidating members of the public who have a right to have a say in the governance system as it is a people’s house and that should not send fear in anyone mentioning anything about Parliament resulting into being summoned or fearing to go to prison, therefore I want to be among those people in wanting to transform that agenda of Parliament wanting to become militant in a democratic state,” said Mr Ngulube

Meanwhile, Mr Nakacinda added that it was every citizen’s responsibility to protect the house as it is a people’s assembly responsible.

He said Zambians cannot have a Parliament that confer the rights and at the same time want to take them away.

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