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Church critical in reconciling HH, ECL – Bishop Kaela


THE church is critical in facilitating true reconciliation between President Hakainde Hichilema and Edgar Lungu but it has downplayed that responsibility bestowed on it from the ancient days, Bishops Council of Zambia (BCZ) general secretary, Abel Kaela, has said.

Bishop Kaela said the church has failed to reconcile President Hichilema and Mr. Lungu because of self-interest that has made it difficult for it to take a neutral stand when offering counsel to the two on the need to foster peace and unity in the nation.

He said in an interview that the church has failed to bring harmony among political leaders because it takes sides.

‘’Even in olden times, it was the role of the clergy to bring people together but today the problem is that there is vested interest, self-interest even we as men of God,’’ he said.

Bishop Kaela urged the clergy to be neutral and open when giving advice to political leaders on the need to promote national unity.

He also urged the church to work together to heal the country from hatred and division.

“As a church we are failing to reconcile politicians because we are divided. When we start to heal amongst ourselves as clergy, then the nation will quickly heal,” Bishop Kaela said.

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