Pull up your socks, Musoma urges PF


The winning of all the seats by the UPND in the just ended by-elections should serve as a wakeup call to the Patriotic Front (PF) that there is something they are still not doing right, Zambia Republican Party president, Wright Musoma, has said.

Mr Musoma said not winning any seat in the just ended by-election by the PF including in their perceived stronghold should send a signal to them that something must be done drastically.

He said that they should stop consoling themselves that it was just a by-election for local government seats but they do count and make a difference.

Mr Musoma said the excuse PF was fronting that they lost in Lukutu because President Hakainde Hichilema used government machinery to campaign does not hold water.

Mr Musoma said the problem with PF was that they were still behaving the same way they used to behave in the past, nothing had changed.

He said the what was happening could spell the end of the PF if they were not careful because if they were losing elections in their strongholds one would wonder what would happen in places where they were not popular.

Mr Musoma said the PF had forsaken people they used to work with like Alliance partners, so they should not expect miracles to be happening.

He said that PF was still doing the same things that cost them the August 12 elections and expected a different result which was not possible.

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