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I’m being victimised, cries Mbewe

…It’s all about vengeance because I’m innocent, says PF official


I AM repeatedly being harassed with unnecessary raids and searches by the investigative wings out of vengeance because I did not acquire my wealth dubiously or steal any public resources, Patriotic Front member of the central committee, Kebby Mbewe has lamented.

Mr Mbewe said there was need for the investigative wings to stop harassing him because he was innocent.

Mr Mbewe was last week summoned by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for questioning after they searched his house in Choma some time back.

He said the constant harassment by the investigative wings needed to stop because he had never been a civil servant or had he dealt with the government.

He said their searches and harassment would not yield any positive results because he was a clean businessman with no skeletons in the closet.

Mr Mbewe said that the only crime he had committed was that he was a PF member and the institutions were being used to fight political battles.

“This is not a fight against corruption but vengeance because I have been doing my business for the last 25 years without getting any assistance from any regime,” he said.

He said 98 percent of the country’s wealth was in the hands of foreign hands but that no one was searched or questioned but only those affiliated to the former ruling party.

Mr Mbewe said foreigners were amassing wealth illegally but that they did not even bother to countercheck them unless those that were affiliated to the PF.

“Tell me if there are any foreigners that are being investigated by the likes of Anti-Corruption Commission despite them committing a number of atrocities,” he said.

He said this trend was un-Zambian and was aimed at denting his image in the court of public opinion by painting a picture that he was corrupt.

Mr Mbewe said the raids and summons were well calculated moves targeting associates of the former President Edgar Lungu.

“It is my money and my property which I worked and toiled for with no help from anyone governments inclusive,” he said.

He challenged any regime to come forward if at all they had helped him to become an accomplished businessman.

Mr Mbewe said it was clear that hatred and vengeance was what was fueling these raids on such innocent people.


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