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Kan’gombe scoffs at UPND calls to  lift  ECL immunity


CALLS by some members of the UPND to commence a motion to remove former republican president Edgar Lungu’s immunity in the absence of the 30 Patriotic Front (PF) members, is absurd as they do not have a prima facie case against the statesman, PF National Youth Chairperson, Christopher Kang’ombe, has said.

Mr Kan’gombe said that removing Mr Lungu’s immunity was not as easy as it seemed because   a prima facie case against him must be established  and then the head of state would  have to go to Parliament to lodge his demand.

He said that it was shocking that some members of the ruling party had started pushing an agenda to lift the former president’s immunity.

Mr Kan’gombe said that despite the 30 MPs   being out of the house, there was legislation that was watertight and that there was need to lay bare the reasons for lifting the immunity.

“For me, I feel the suspension of the 30 MPs can not be used as an opportunity to lift the immunity or president Lungu and there is no genuine reasons that have been advanced so far,” he said.

He said there was need to build a case on merit and not just mere politics.

And Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba said there was no need to start talking about lifting of immunity.

Mr Kalaba said there were other important issues that needed to be looked at rather than concentrate on the issue of the immunity.

“The New Dawn government should focus on fixing the economy and not trying to remove Mr Edgar Lungu’s immunity,” he said. 


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