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Zesco not prioritising Zambians, says Kalaba


THE move by Zesco to issue a tender for 25 luxurious vehicles is a sign that the management do not value the plight of Zambians who are grappling with a number of challenges, Democratic Party president, Harry Kalaba, has said.

Mr Kalaba said that there was nothing methodical about the new dawn administration because Zambians were worried about the rise in electricity tariffs and connection fees that had been increased  and the management decided to advertise to buy luxurious cars.

He said that the majority of Zambians were wallowing in abject poverty but the Zesco management did not see it fit to deal with such issues.

“How many other wrong decisions are they making without our knowledge and for them to cancel the tender it was after an uproar from the Zambians who felt insulted because they were being drained financially,” he said.

Mr Kalaba said that the tender would have gone through had Zambians not spoken out and vented their anger.

He said the problem was that the country was being ruled by a corporate party which did not feel the pinch hence   making such decisions.

Recently, Zesco cancelled a tender of over K30 million to buy new luxury vehicles for   its senior directors after an uproar by the public. An advert that appeared in the media on Thursday indicated that the bidders were needed to deliver one Toyota Land Cruiser VX L300, nine Toyota Prado VXL, 14 Toyota Prado TXL and a Ford Everest.

But later Zesco on its Facebook page indicated that they had cancelled the tender which was supposed to close on April 15, 2022.

The corporation had earlier indicated that it had set aside funds towards the cost of procurement of the 25 vehicles. 

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