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….Nobody holds the monopoly of wisdom in managing people’s affairs

NOBODY holds the monopoly of wisdom in managing the affairs of the people, therefore the call for partnership made by the minister of Health, Ms Sylvia Masebo in resolving the issues affecting the sector is commendable, Nkana Member of Parliament Binwell Mpundu has said.
Ms. Masebo last week in Parliament urged MPs with better ideas on resolving the challenges facing the Ministry of Health to come on board.
Mr. Mpundu, who is an Independent MP said in an interview that the issues affecting the ministry such as the shortage of drugs affects all MPs and were already being blamed for the lack of medicines by the constituencies.
He said the best that could be done was for the MPs to unite in managing the affairs of the people which included health.
Mr Mpundu however said it was incumbent upon Ms. Masebo as minister to realise that all were partners in ensuring the smooth running of the health sector.
“For us MPs who sit on the opposite side, we cannon force ourselves to work with the people who are in charge. It’s the people who are in charge, who must be saying come on guys, let’s join hands so the fact that Ms. Masebo says come on board, it’s a good call for me,” he said.
Mr. Mpundu said the issue of drug shortages affected all MPs including Ms Masebo because everyone would be answerable to people in the constituencies.
He however said if Ms. Masebo was receptive, all MPs would win and that was important in ensuring an effective and efficient health sector.


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