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Prove your relevance,  ACC challenged


THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) should prove itself relevant because the summoning and searches conducted on PF officials have not yielded any tangible results worth the cause, Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president, Wright Musoma, has said. 

Mr. Musoma said the professionalism of the ACC would continue to be questioned because the only time they are seen to be active was when there was a change of government.

He said the act has compromised its role of preventing corruption because according to them, the only people that are corrupt are the former government officials which was not true.

Mr. Musoma said it would be difficult for the ACC to win the fight against corruption because it was targeting the wrong people who in most cases are politicians from the former ruling party, the opposition and not the ruling party.

‘’You don’t win the fight against corruption through political witch hunt and by continuing on this trajectory, you are setting a bad precedent for the country,’’ he said.

Mr. Musoma feared that if the trend was maintained, it would be difficult for the ruling party to surrender power if they lose an election so that they are not persecuted.

He said now was the time to stop the witch hunt because Zambians wanted peace and healing.

‘’If such behaviour is maintained, you will make people to stop surrendering power for fear of being prosecuted and persecuted and that is not what  Zambians want,’’ Mr. Musoma said.

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