Dear Editor,

THE four expelled nursing students are doing their third year at Chilonga Mission Nursing School which is part of Chilonga Mission Hospital that I believe is managed by the Catholic Church.

The four where on duty in the hospital on the fateful day except that two of them had knocked off their shift while the other two were taking up their shift when they decided to have some dancing fun and unfortunately another student took the video and like a joke posted it.

The four have been expelled by Chilonga Nursing School that they still can appeal the expulsion to the GNC and later to the Minister of Health if the decision is not reversed.

Note that at seems GNC has the ultimate authority to blacklist a student even though one can still appeal to the minister against such a decision.

The best to do by the said students is to quickly appeal the expulsion.

Please those close to the students must advise them not to lose hope but that they must appeal the decision. To err is human but forgiveness is divine. That’s what my church the Catholic Church preaches.

GNC has issued a statement over the matter basically to state the separation between the institution and the regulator (GNC). What the letter therefore confirms is that the school has rules that are set in consultation with GNC but that every decision made by a nursing institution can be challenged by appealing to GNC and later to the minister.

My role in this case as an elected people’s representative and a young leader is to speak for those afflicted whose voice has dimmed especially that these are young people who are learning from their mistakes.

I wish to repeat that the mistake made by those student nurses is not so grave as to warrant expulsions. The students needs a second chance and this is an appeal from me as a parent.


Nkana MP.

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