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Stop misleading public, Miles tells Govt


BE sincere, stop the misleading tone on employment, drug shortages and other matters of national importance then Zambians would understand you, Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa has urged the government.

Mr. Sampa said the government should be sincere when talking about important national issues by ensuring that they give the correct picture of the prevailing situation at a particular time.

He cited the recruitment of health workers, teachers and purchase of drugs as matters of importance which he felt the government has not handled with sincerity.

Mr. Sampa challenged the Ministry of Finance and National Planning to state whether or not the money to pay the 11, 276 health workers and 30, 000 teachers has been set aside.

He also said the government should state the source of the money that would be used to pay the new employees because the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has been collecting revenue below its target.

“The ministers of Finance, Health and Education should stop the misleading tone and be sincere and tell it as it is. Is the money to pay the health workers and teachers at once already been set aside, where has it come from, these are questions that need answers,”  he said.

Mr. Sampa said the challenges that the country was grappling with would not end if those charged with the responsibility managing the economy choose politics over truth.

He urged the government to own up and tell the people what conditions laid under the US$1.4 billion IMF bailout because the loan would be paid by the Zambians.


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