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as he accuses Akafumba of betrayal


I HAVE taken a back step in politics and busy engaging in livestock farming at the farm, fired National Democratic Congress (NDC) interim leader, Mwenya Musenge has disclosed.

Mr. Musenge in an interview said he decided not to pursue his dismissal as NDC acting leader a month ago which he described as a coup d’état because the action taken against him was illegal.

He has also accused former NDC leader, Joseph’s Akafumba now Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security of betrayal.

Mr. Akafumba however declined to comment on the allegations by virtue of him being a civil servant.

Mr. Musenge said there was a force behind his dismissal because despite the NDC being in an alliance with the UPND, the alliance members including Mr. Akafumba, who invited and appointed him interim party leader after his appointment in the civil service kept quiet and has to this day never called him.

Mr. Musenge said that the silence from the UPND Alliance which claimed to support intra-party democracy and sanity in the way politics are done led to his decision to step aside from politics.

He said the silence from the UPND Alliance created a strong conviction that there was a force behind his dismissal hence the decision to step aside and watch from the terraces as those who claimed to be vibrant leaders lead the party.

“NDC is in an alliance, and when such a thing happened, Alliance Presidents kept quiet about it including PS Akafumba who invited me to NDC and appointed me as interim party leader opted to remain silent and never called me to date,” he said.

And Mr. Musenge said he would have taken drastic steps to discipline the mischievous party members for illegally dropping him as party leader but after reflections, he observed that there was no maturity in the NDC.

Mr. Musenge said after four years of wrangles in the NDC, he expected its members to learn from the experience and exhibit the highest levels of maturity.

He said had he taken a step back from disciplining the erring members, because such a decision could have led to a third faction in the NDC so the best choice was to withdraw and not pursue the illegal dismissal any further.

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