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THE Consortium of Local Contractors and Suppliers (ColCAS) is hopeful that the new government will protect the interests of local contractors and suppliers from foreigners who have dominated the industry for a long time, ColCAS President John Chilupula has said.

Chilupula said Zambians should support the new administration in its effort of achieving economic recovery and national development.
be able to employ many youths and pay them handsomely if they were given big contracts and paid on time.

administration would put in place.
He said he was sure that President Hichilema
He said President-elect Hakainde Hichilema was a politician with the interests of the local businessmen at heart and so the consortium was sure that his government would put in place measures to defend the interests of local people
“For a long time now, the local contractors have been getting crumbs, while foreign contractors have been getting huge contractors.

President Hichilema is a politician with the interests of the local businessmen at heart
“The beauty with giving jobs to local contractors is that money will remain in Zambia and it will be in circulation hence poverty levels will reduce because people will have money,’’ he said
will refine the 20 per cent mandatory sub- contracting policy which was put in place by the PF government
In an interview in Kitwe at the weekend, Mr
and so we are sure that our interests will be safeguarded,’’ Mr Chilupula said.

Mr Chilupula urged local contractors and suppliers to get united and ensure that they benefit from the good policies which the new
“If there is a US$150 million project in Chingola, local contractors should get a reasonable share of it so that money is in circulation within the district. Empowering local contractors will not only benefit the contractors, but even the economy of the district,’’ he said.

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