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UPND in deep waters

…Brian Mundubile says the governing party is the first ever political organistion to have created many difficulties in the first year of its first term


THE United Party for National Development (UPND) was the first ever political party in government that had created a lot of difficulties for itself in the first year of its first term of being in government, Brian Mundubile has said.

And Mr Mundubile has advised President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND to stop their self-praise and allow Zambians to judge them against what they had promised during the campaigns and what they were delivering.

Mr Mundubile, the Patriotic Front (PF) presidential candidate said President Hichilema could be the first head of State to last one term as head of State because his political party had managed to create so many difficulties for itself to the extent that Zambians were regretting having changed government.

He stated that in only one year of his first term, President Hichilema had managed to make himself a very unpopular leader who had fatigued Zambians his continued self-praising when citizens were suffering as a result of the bad economic policies being implemented.

And Mr Mundubile has should he became President courtesy of Zambians, he would ensure the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) became truly independent by enacting legislation that would make the Commission report to parliament.

Mr Mundubile said the current load shedding was because of poor planning by the new dawn administration which had prioritised power exports.

He said the country only needed to be exporting when as it had excess power.

Mr Mundubile said free education was a progressive motion by the previous (PF) government and was glad that UPND had continued with it.

And Mr Mundubile has said there is no justification for the high prices of mealie meal and has accused the UPND government of lacking care for the ordinary citizens.

Mr Mundubile said Government needed to know that food should be affordable to all Zambians and that currently, Zambians were being subjected to untold high cost of living because the UPND government had failed to manage the affairs of the country.

Mr Mundubile was speaking during an interview at Byta FM.


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