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Police have now challenged the UPND president, Mr Hichilema to name the militia killing UPND members in bus stations and state how many have been killed. Meanwhile, the PF has reported UPND to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) for inciting genocide. According to Mr Hichilema, there was total disorder in Zambia. “There is total disorder.

Today you go to a bus stop, just to ride on a bus from one town to another, if you are identified as a member of the opposition you get lynched, get your leg broken, and if you are unlucky, you get killed by ruling party militias who are roaming the streets,” Mr Hichilema is quoted as saying.

Mr Hichilema’s statement coincides with a UPND campaign video which states that PF were plotting to pit Northerners and Southerners against each other, stage gassing of people and blame UPND, equip police to intimidate and oppress UPND and dehumanise the opposition party.

But Police deputy spokesperson, Danny Mwale rubbished the claims and challenged UPND to produce evidence. And PF Secretary General, Davies Mwila has petitioned ECZ against UPND’S promotion of hate speech, genocide and ethnic cleansing. “We are petitioning your office to act accordingly,” he said in the petition addressed to ECZ Chief Electoral Officer, Patrick Nshindano.

The party also enclosed the video evidence of the said crimes that the UPND had committed. Mr Mwila said the conduct of UPND was against the Constitution and the Electoral Code of Conduct.

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