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FORMER Kasama Central Member of Parliament Kelvin Sampa has been sued in the Lusaka High Court by a company which supplies Konyagi spirits for alleged   fraudulent representation and it is demanding a refund of K1.4 million.

Mbaruku Trading Limited and its managing director Salehe Mbaruku Sengulo are claiming payment of K1, 400, 000 being the money collected by Mr Sampa for purposes of making payment to Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) on the company’s behalf on the understanding that he would get commission from the said money.

In the alternative, the plaintiffs are claiming payment of K1, 220, 000 being the money that Mr Sampa was initially expected to pay to ZRA on its behalf but did not do so.

The company is also demanding damages for fraudulent representation made by the former MP, which induced the plaintiffs remitting the said money to him which he kept as his commission contrary to the agreement of the parties.

Mr Sengulo stated that ZRA eventually asked   the company to pay K1, 220, 843 as full and final penalty payment to have the goods released to them. 

He said that the company facilitated for the said payment and even topped up to make it K1, 400, 000 which included commission to Mr Sampa but only realised later that the defendant had not made any payment to ZRA.


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