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People want answers, Sinkamba tells Govt


The New Dawn government needs to come out and address   people on various allegations that have gone without any word or action, Green party president, Peter Sinkamba, has said.

In an interview, Mr. Sinkamba observed that a number of allegations have been leveled against the government from the lowest level to the State House and yet there has been no action taken.

He therefore advised President Hakainde Hichilema to be strong enough to face the people he promised to periodically interact with.

He cited the alleged corrupt fertilizer supply contract, the leaked audio involving senior government officials and the alleged involvement of senior State House staff in the Milingo Lugu case as some of the matters that need urgent and honest answers.  

The opposition leader said that despite the President promising to interact with the public and the media, he hadgone mute.

He said that this action may be good, but not in times when people were publicly calling for answers. The outspoken opposition leader insisted that the President needs to take a bold step and probably fire or reshuffle some individuals if he will maintain the people’s dwindling confidence.

Mr. Sinkamba pointed out that the UPND had come in with a lot of support, but that this was not well managed and was fast disappearing even among the staunch supporters. He therefore advised the UPND government to consider putting the house in order before things get worse.

And New Heritage party president, Chishala Kateka was saddened that the government could no longer be trusted. She observed that the government was going round in circles and has not been completely forthright with us as citizens. 

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