Stop abuse of power, Chilangwa tells UPND


THE arrest of Raphael Nakacinda for merely expressing himself is an assault on Zambia’s democracy and a wanton abuse of power by Government, PF acting secretary General, Nickson Chilangwa, has said.

Mr Chilangwa said the  arrest of Mr Nakacinda was a draconian abuse of power and must be condemned by all well meaning Zambians who had fought  hard for democracy.

Mr Chilangwa alleged that the UPND have been using the police and other law enforcement agencies to silence all opposing voices. 

He accused government of wanting to turn the country into a one-party dictatorship where all Zambians must be turned into praise singers. 

“It is ironical that such intolerant behaviour is coming from a man who spent all his time insulting and demeaning heads of state while in opposition. “We are calling upon the church, civil society organisations, human rights groups as well as regional and international governance bodies to take this government to task before Zambia is lost into total dictatorship,” said Mr Chilangwa. 


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