Appointment of Colonel Panji Kaunda

Dear Editor,

MY colleague and fellow socio-political commentator, Elemiya Phiri has condemned the appointment of Colonel Panji Kaunda as High Commissioner to Malawi.

He regards this appointment as a poor choice by President Hakainde Hichilema.

Among the reasons for his ill-reception of this appointment is the age of Col Kaunda and that the appointment deprives youths of job opportunities (Daily Nation, May 9, 2022).

I feel that we discuss and debate Col Kaunda’s competencies, but leave out his age.  Elemiya has in his letter also argued for inclusion of the disabled persons in forthcoming appointments including the diplomatic service. 

This shows Elemiya holding two contradictory positions at the same time, inclusion for the disabled and exclusion for the aged. If we want to build an inclusive society, all social classes including the aged must have space in the mainstream of the socio-political and economic development of our country.

Elemiya may have not listened to the moving homily by the Vicar-General of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, during the requiem service of our late fourth republican president, Rupiah Bwezani Banda, delivered by Fr Charley Thomas who said that we never retire from life. 


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