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There is a deliberate move by investigative wings to arrest members of the former ruling party in dramatic manner an effort to embarrass them as witnessed over the  arrest  of former Tourism Minister, Ronald Chitotela, National Democratic Party secretary General, Charles Kabwita, has said.

Mr Kabwita said the police chose to pick Mr Chitotela from his base in Kawambwa in a very dramatic way and ferried him to Lusaka when they could have easily summoned him.

He said that Mr Chitotela is a respected Member of Parliament (MP) and there was no way he could have failed to appear before the Anti-Corruption Commission if they had summoned him.  

Mr Kabwita said even the  an unceremonious style in which Kabushi MP, Bowman Lusambo was arrested when he was just leaving the courts, one could tell that the motive was malicious and embarrassing.

He said in an interview that despite the fact that some of the people arrested might have committed crimes but that did not give the arresting officer the right to   humiliate anyone.

Mr Kabwita said the ACC should be mindful that some of the people being arrested in a dramatic way were ministers and some of them still represent the people of Zambia in parliament so they were supposed to be accorded some respect regardless of what they allegedly did.

He said the type of arrest they were inflicting on the former government officials were meant for those people who resist arrest or were on the run.

Mr Kabwita urged the ACC to be systematic in the way they were arresting people suspected of corruption because they were innocent until proven guilty.

He said that no person from the previous regime had been convicted on account of corruption but they still go through the shame of being arrested in a dramatic way. 

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