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My hands are clean, Mutati responds to challenge over FJT University


I was demoted as Minister of Finance and sent to the ministry of Works and Supply by President Edgar Lungu on February 14, 2018 and the first payment for the FTJ University was made on February 28, 2018, a sum of $8,888,421.63 to China Engineering group, Minister of Technology and Science Felix Mutati has said.

 The Patriotic Front (PF) on Thursday  challenged Mr Mutati to explain the intricacies involved in the FTJ University contract and not allow his government to heap the blame on PF because he was the minister of Finance during the time this contract was entered into.

 Mr Mutati said it came to his attention via various sections of the media that there was a story surrounding FTJ University funding and that he was supposed to explain his role then.

 He   noted that the first payment was made following his removal and subsequent payments made on FTJ Project were as follows, March 20, 2018 $8,000,000.00, April 20, 2018 $8,000,000.00 and first June 2018 $8,861,578.37.

 Mr Mutati what was released brought the total payment made to China Energy Group to $33,750,000.00.

 He said he believes and trusts that what he shared clarifies the payment transactions on the FTJ project.

 This was according to the letter released from the ministry of Technology and Science that was posted on Mr Mutati’s Facebook page yesterday.

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