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Police on right path – GEARS


THE Zambia Police Service has tried their best to respect the rule of law and people’s rights, GEARS executive director, Macdonald Chipenzi, has said.

Mr. Chipenzi however observed that there were some gray areas which the police needed to work on such as reporting cyber-crimes anywhere which has seen a number of those accused being transported to areas where the cases are being reported.

He said in an interview that the police have shown professionalism by giving the people arrested bonds which was a rare commodity in the previous regime.

“So far, they have tried their level best, they have taken people to court timely, respect the rule of law and they also respect people’s rights,” he said.

Mr. Chipenzi however urged the police to avoid taking people reported for cybercrimes to areas where the complaint was lodged.

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He said it was not only a waste of time but also resources for them to drive a person reported to the police to areas where the compliant was made as was the case lately.

“This issue of saying that cybercrime could be reported anywhere even in heaven, now suppose one is in the space and makes a compliant, does it mean the police will have to go to the space,” he said.

Mr Chipenzi said it was a waste of the Zambia Police time and the national resources if people reported for cybercrimes are arrested in the areas of residence and not being taken to places where the complaint was lodged.

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