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Augustine pledges to redefine art


“As a visual artist I am passionate in my vocation and believe that art can be impactful in the story telling experience,” says Zambia fine artist Augustine Kajimu who is appealing to the nation to support art.

Kajimu known for various art pieces carrying different themes raging from social, political to economic and cultural experiences says he wants to redefine art and make more impactful.

” We as artists of whichever genre should strive to promote our art despite not having government support or having a promoter as art shares a vital piece of our society and culture by taking a lense to the mundane, art can transform and infuse with spirit any situation of the Zambian experience,” he said, adding that the more reason he is looking forward to realingnig his work to change the attitude towards art.

“Through art, I believe we as a Zambian society can change the stereotype that artistry is not a fulfilling career. With my work, I would like to impact the youth and influence their mindset for the next generation,” he emphasised.

He said art is part of our culture art and important to future generations.
” We need to allow ourselves and our children to pursue art expressions in all its vibrant forms and not stifle it before it blossoms,”

” I would like to encourage the government to look into the plight of promoting and marketing the Zambian art industry.”

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