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Heed President Hichilema’s directive -Chama


THE Police and investigative wings should   heed what the President directive that they should not arrest people without carrying out proper investigations, Patriotic Front chairperson, Davis Chama, has said.

Mr Chama said for the first time, the PF agreed with the head of state over the unprofessional conduct of the police and other stakeholders.

“For me, I support the President’s stance. There is no way a person can be arrested without police having proper evidence, its unheard of,” he said.

He said he had been in a similar situation as he was arrested without the police having details and only started their investigations after his incarceration.

Mr Chama said he was not sure whether the Police would take heed because there was heavy political intervention which hindered objectivity.

He said that time and again the police had defied President Hichilema and that it was up to the President to act on the erring officers.

“I must commend the President for being magnanimous and calling out the police and other investigative wings but I just hope that he was not just playing to the gallery in a bid to sway people,” he said.

And former ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita called on law enforcement agencies to heed President Hichilema’s doctrine to probe allegations before arresting and detaining.

Mr Mukwita said he made a specific reference to PF former deputy secretary general Ms Mumbi Phiri who clocked 133 days in detention without her case being put on the cause list.

Mr Mukwita also took the opportunity to thank President Lungu for allowing him a chance to serve the country at the highest diplomatic level in Sweden and Germany, while wishing the new administration well in its governance quest.

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