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Munir Zulu slams police


The police are compromised because they look at issues with political lenses and only serve the interests of the people in the ruling party, Lumezi Member of Parliament Munir Zulu has said.

Mr Zulu  went to lodge a complaint at Chelstone police against Mr McDonald Phiri, the UPND losing parliamentary candidate for Lumezi and Zelipa Chisulo the losing independent candidate,  for allegedly  publishing a fake document that they were purporting to have originated from the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ).

Mr Zulu  was however, referred  to go and report to police headquarters.

He said the police declined to handle his issue claiming that the matter was too sensitive and could only be handled by headquarters.

And when Mr Zulu arrived at police headquarters at around 13:00 hours the police denied him entry claiming that the officer who would have handled the matter had gone for lunch.

Mr Zulu, who was with a Patriotic Front member Mr Chanoda Ngwira protested against the claim by the police saying that the police were like a hospital and were not supposed to close for lunch in case of emergencies.

After 10 minutes of arguing with the police, police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga came out and referred Mr Zulu to the Lusaka division because there was no way he could come to the headquarters unannounced.

Mr Hamoonga said Chelstone falls under the Lusaka division and that was where Mr Zulu was supposed to go because the headquarters handles administrative issues.

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