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Musenge says UPND doesn’t respect human rights


THE delay by the UPND government to take Mumbi Phiri to court to answer charges of murder is a clear indication that the ruling party is vengeful, has no regard for human rights and the rule of law which it has been preaching about, veteran politician Mwenya Musenge has said

Mr Musenge said delaying to take Ms Phiri to court to answer charges of murder and instead keep her in detention for more than 170 days was the worst abuse of human rights which must not be entertained by a government which has been preaching about the rule of law.

In an interview in Kitwe at the weekend, Mr Musenge said it was disappointing that the UPND which was preaching about the rule of law was now exhibiting vengeful tendencies and abusing human rights with impunity

“The new dawn or UPND should not forget where they are coming from. What is happening to Mumbi Phiri is not right. She might have been excited by the PF in one way or the other, but avenging it in the way they are doing it to her is not right. UPND must show the PF how to run the country

“President Hakainde Hichilema must be on top of things and ensure that Ms Phiri is taken to court. It is unacceptable to detain a person for more than 170 days.

“It is not right. If Ms Phiri is not taken to court, people will say UPND is a vengeful party and no one will believe its talk about the rule of law,’’ Mr Musenge said

He said Zambians were disappointed with the new dawn administration because they have not seen any radical change.  What they have seen is brutal vengeance and an unforgiving spirit.

“The bad traits which were in PF have shifted to UPND. This is not what we wanted to see,” Mr Musenge said.

We are seeing serious persecution and vengeance where the selected individuals are being targeted. Even the names of the selected people are known,’’ he said.

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