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Compensate Chiluba for wrongful prosecution – Kapyanga 


The Government should compensate former president Frederick Chiluba for wrongful prosecution, Mpika Member of Parliament Robert Kapyanga has charged.

Mr Kapyanga said the late president was very important to the political history of the country in leading the country into democratic dispensation and hence the need for justice to prevail.

The Mpika Law maker said the former  president needs to be compensated posthumously for false prosecution by the government.

This was in a case where the late Dr.  Chiluba was arrested, prosecuted and later acquitted for graft in 2009.

Mr Kapyanga said the best thing for government to do is to compensate him through the family because he is not here to take the matter to court.

He said the same way others are being compensated for unlawful detention and wrongful  prosecution is how he should also be compensated.

Mr Kapyanga also expressed concern over how the government has abandoned the late president’s family by not giving them Dr Chiluba properties seized by the state.

He said it is not acceptable for the former first family to be suffering and languishing when the government is there and knows the truth and what should be done. He said there is need for the state to move in and help take care of the former president’s family by giving them their  father’s rightfully earned properties..

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