Saboi slams govt delays in giving health workers appointment letters


THE fact that the UPND government has not managed to address issues of  health workers whose names were not included in the database for over a month after their issue came to light is a sign that the government had no intention to truly employ over 11,000 health workers, National Democratic Congress (NDC) party president Saboi Imboela has said.

Ms Imboela said it was now clear that the UPND government were only playing politics when they had pronounced that they would employ over 11,000 health workers because the exact opposite is what is happening.

The NDC leader disclosed that all the health workers whose names were not found in the database are still being told to wait as their issue will be worked on, even after over a month since the names were released.

Ms Imboela wondered when the ministry of health would settle the issues around the health workers who were excluded from the data base when others were already   given letters.

She said the minister of Health should just come out clean and admit the truth that there was no intention to employ 11,000 health workers.

Ms Imboela said it can be seen that it was all politics at play and the government did not have the ability to employ some of these workers.

The government should stop playing with people’s feelings and emotions, she said as there are certain people among the group of those whose names were not found in the database who resigned from their previous positions and are now being greatly affected. She said it was unfortunate that innocent people have to suffer because of the selfishness and  carelessness of others. Ms Imboela challenged the government to prove themselves

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