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OUTSPOKEN activist,  Dr Brian Sampa has gone into hiding after eluding a  police plot  to arrest him at a conference.

Anti LGBTQ conference attendees were shocked to learn that police were waiting to arrest Dr Sampa at the exit after the conference ended.

Apparently the anti LGBT activist  saw the police at the  exit and used a different exit to get away from the police.

Dr Sampa  said in an interview later  that he had to use a back door in order to elude the police.

Dr Sampa said he had gone into hiding while  confirming that he was safe.

He expressed shock that the police had wanted to arrest him for a reason only known to them.

“I was merely  invited to speak at that conference,” he said

He wondered why the police wanted to arrest him as he was not the one who had organized the anti LGBTQ conference.

He said he was only a visitor at the event which was organized by the Zambia Community Initiative Program.

But when contacted for confirmation if it was true that Dr Sampa was almost arrested by the police, police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga asked the reporter to explain if Dr Sampa had explained the reasons why he was almost arrested by the police.

He said he had no idea why police would be looking for the doctor.

Meanwhile Dr   Sampa has said  Law enforcers need to put more effort in enforcing the law in curbing homosexuality.

Speaking during a conference dubbed Homosexuality, The Scientific, Legal, Cultural And Spiritual Perspective,  organised by Zambia Community Initiative Programme, Dr Sampa said cases of homosexuality have risen despite   the vice still being illegal in the country.

This,  he said, showed a case of weakness on the part of the law enforcement agencies in ensuring that the vice comes to an end.

He said it’s unfortunate that the law enforcers had become relaxed regarding homosexuality.

Dr Sampa advised the government to take action before the situation gets out of hand.

Dr Sampa, who is Ban Homosexuality Campaign Ambassador, said the Ban Homosexuality Campaign team is not going to stop until the country is free from homosexuality.

He also said the campaign team is scheduled to march to State House on Wednesday to take a letter to the President to petition him to take a stronger stance on homosexuality.

And Zambia Community Initiative Programme Accountant Namakau Nayame said issues of homosexuality need to be addressed from the grassroots hence the need to educate communities.

She said there is need for more community sensitisation especially parents on issues of homosexuality. 


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