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HH should fire Kajoba


INSPECTOR General of Police Lemmy Kajoba is no longer fit to head the Police Service because he has completely lost his credibility and President Hakainde Hichilema should consider retiring him, Sean Tembo has said.

And Mr Tembo has accused Mr Kajoba of exhibiting partisan traits in the manner he was superintending over the police service by identifying some suspects by political affiliation while he had failed to identify the abductors by affiliating them to UPND.

Mr Tembo has charged that Mr Kajoba had become unsuitable to preside over the police service because he risked the lives of Pamela Chisumpa and a dozen other girls who were abducted more than six months ago by delaying the operation of rescuing the girls on account of his desire to inflate his ego by being the first to arrive at the crime scene.

Mr Tembo, the president of Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) said Mr Kajoba had exhibited partisan traits in the manner he was presiding over the Police Service and could no longer be trusted by Zambians.

He said while the 13 girls were desperate for rescue, Mr Kajoba made it his business to delay the response so that he could be the first to heroically arrive at the crime scene and take the credit of an operation he had not been part of.

Mr Tembo stated that Mr Kajoba decided to advance his personal ego ahead of the lives of the 13 girls when he decided to arrive at the crime with pomp and splendour 45 minutes after the girls had been rescued by two young brave neighbours.

 “As things stand now, there is little trust between the police and the general public because the Inspector General of Police, Mr Lemmy Kajoba has completely lost his credibility.

There is lack of professionalism in the Police Service because Mr Kajoma risked the lives of the 13 girls who had been abducted and kept captive for more than six months. And then when the girls needed to be swiftly rescued, Mt Kajoba made it his business to delay the response to the operation so that he could be the first one to arrive at the scene of crime to steal the limelight and satisfy his personal ego. We are appealing to President Hakainde Hichilema to fire Mr Kajoba or he should be retired in national interest,” Mr Tembo said.

And Mr Tembo claimed that Mr Kajoba had converted the Police Service into a partisan organisation which was identifying suspects by their political affiliation to political parties only when it suited him. He said when two television sets were stolen from former President Edgar Lungu’s residence, Mr Kajoba decided to identify the suspect by telling the nation that the two were Patriotic Front members.

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