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Mwenya Musenge rebrands under Advocates for People’s Prosperity

MWENYA Musenge has finally formed another political party called Advocates for People’s Prosperity (APP) after losing the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to Chishimba Kambwili which is now headed by Saboi Imboela.

Mr Musenge says he has been compelled to form another political party so that he could come out of political doldrums to speak on behalf of the silent but suffering majority of Zambians because the UPND has lamentably failed to meet the expectations of the people.

Mr Musenge said in the more than one year of the UPND in government, the ruling party had not only shown that it had no plan for national development, but had no regard for the majority Zambians living in squalor and poverty.

In an interview, Mr Musenge said the UPND had lamentably failed to provide direction, stating that the failure to deliver fertiliser was a scandal that would plunge Zambia into calamitous famine

Mr Musenge said the desire of APP was to uplift Zambians from being mere spectators to national issues but should take part in the economic deliverance of Zambia as opposed to living it in the hands of foreigners.

 “More than 70 percent of our people in Zambia are living in squalor and stress. This is why in 2021, Zambians rose to change government with the hope that things will change under the so-called new dawn administration. In normal circumstances in countries where leaders are elected by their promises, such leaders humbly resign.

“You cannot be a proud leader of a nation who assumed the presidency on lies. You made promises to reduce prices of mealie meal, cooking oil, fertiliser, and fuel. None of the promises have been fulfilled and the current economic situation is tormenting the Zambians. What we are experiencing is hell on earth. It is this kind of situation which has made some of us to rise from the doldrums and speak out on behalf of the silent majority,’’ Mr Musenge said

Mr Musenge said the APP had been formed to save Zambia from being economically taken over by foreigners who were now running 80 percent of various businesses in the country.

Mr Musenge said Zambia was on the verge of being economically taken over by foreigners because the UPND and other successive governments had failed to implement laws that protect and safeguard the interests of Zambians when it comes to doing business.

He said, having watched how Zambia was slowly economically slipping into the hands of foreigners because of lack of good policies, he had decided to form APP.

“The name says it all, Advocates for People’s Prosperity, meaning advocating for people’s prosperity and alleviating poverty. We decided to form this party after seeing that foreigners were running businesses like filing stations, block-making and other businesses which can be run by Zambians. As APP, once given chance, we want to save Zambia from being economically taken over by foreigners by putting in place policies that will safeguard the business interests of Zambia,’’ Mr Musenge said.

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