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My Home Town Zambia operations suspended


ZAMBIA’s South African business tycoon and philanthropist James Ndambo has suspended operations of My Home Town Zambia after 25 years of serving communities in Choma from where the idea was birthed.

The suspension of the My Home Town Zambia (MHT) comes after Mr Ndambo hosted the country’s  most prestigious beauty pageants contest which was characterised by hostilities and political interest accusations leading to the State raiding the offices in Choma and seizing motor vehicles.

In a letter to MHT members, MHT Zambia Chairman, Clever Ndambo said it was with a heavy heart that MHT Zambia was suspending its operations, 25 years when the MHT idea was founded in Choma.

Mr Ndambo said only projects that were in progress would not be affected by the suspension of the operations.

Mr Ndambo however said the MHT sponsored students in various universities in Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, China, Zambia, DRC, Australia, England, United States of America, Canada, St Vincent and South Africa would continue being supported until after graduation.

New intakes have been suspended.

He said the same would apply to patients who were receiving medical care in and outside Zambia as well as India, and South Africa.

“Dear MHT Members. Most of us are aware of the environment that My Home Town (MHT) found itself in after the June/July 2022 Beauty Pageant events in Choma, Zambia. Sadly, what happened after the Choma events has made the operation of MHT very difficult, socially, morally, emotionally and financially. With a heavy heart, 25 years after the idea was founded in Choma, Zambia, I wish to inform you all that MHT has suspended all of its operations in Zambia,”  Mr Ndambo said.

Mr Ndambo said he was aware that many would be disappointed as MHT gave hope to all for the future with a strong belief in oneness as MHT members.


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