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Zambia’s foreign policy, key in fostering national development


RHOMA Foreign Relations Institute (Rhoma Institute) has described Zambia’s’ foreign policy as a key factor in the country’s economic and diplomatic development agenda.

Executive director Lengwe Cornelius Bwalya has attributed the country’s positive developmental trajectory to the effectiveness of President Hakainde Hichilema’s engagement at local, regional and international levels.

Mr Lengwe said President Hichilema had recognised the role played by the international community and the private sector in supporting Zambia’s development agenda.

He said that Mr Hichilema had been effective and efficient in mobilising human resources, capital and technology to spur national development.

Mr Bwalya noted that the country’s foreign policy transition since the UPND government took over office in August 2021 had enhanced economic diplomacy in Zambia’s pursuit for benefits accruing from her place in the international community.

He said President Hichilema’s international goodwill, support and engagement had continued to attract investment from abroad and places Zambia at the international scene as a credible and viable investment destination. Mr Bwalya reiterated that accolades bestowed upon President Hichilema, including the most recent  one as Africa’s political leader of the Year 2022 by the United Kingdom’ Africa Media Agency (AMA), was evident of his hard work and the restoration of Zambia’s positive image with the international community.

“As an institute of foreign relations we take pride at the positive image that our nation is receiving internationally. This is evident even from the recent accolade bestowed upon President Hichilema,” Mr Lengwe said.


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