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THAT My Home Town Zambia has suspended its operations anchored on providing community services in Choma aimed at improving people’s lives makes sad reading.

This is an organisation that is non-partisan and has served the community in Choma diligently in the 25 years it has been in existence.

My Home Town Zambia was the brainchild of Zambia’s South African business tycoon and philanthropist, Mr James Ndambo.

With are not surprised by the decision that Mr Ndambo has taken for it has been forced on by an administration that treats anyone wealthy with suspicion, making it difficult for one to operate.

Government has made the environment toxic for a man who keeps clear of politics in his charitable work particularly after hosting the June-July beauty pageant in Choma last year that attracted global attention.

The pageant was soured by the investigative wings that pounced on the organisers claiming the pageant was a cover-up for money laundering.

It did not just end there.  The authorities also seized the vehicles that were lined up as part of the prizes for the participants.

Although the vehicles were returned after “investigations,” one could safely say that this cast a dark shadow on the integrity of the pageant organisations.

Against such hostility from the government, it was difficult for Mr Ndambo’s charity programmes to continue when his reputation had been tarnished.

My Home Town Zambia is part of an international organisation and also depends on the support of its international partners who unfortunately were forced to withdraw their support under the circumstances.

Surprisingly, this was the same organisation that in the run-up to the pageant had donated vehicles to the Zambia Police in Choma.

Other projects that won My Home Town Zambia kudos was the improvement of the road leading to the Choma General Hospital.

Mr Ndambo’s organisation has also been instrumental in supporting Zambians whose medical conditions could not be treated locally by evacuating them to countries where there are better facilities.

In a letter to members, Mr Ndambo said it was with a heavy heart that MHT Zambia was suspending its operations, 25 years after the MHT idea was founded in Choma.

“Dear MHT Members. Most of us are aware of the environment that My Home Town found itself in after the June/July 2022 Beauty Pageant events in Choma.  Sadly, what happened after the Choma events has made the operation of MHT very difficult, socially, morally, emotionally and financially.

With a heavy heart, 25 years after the idea was founded in Choma, Zambia, I wish to inform you all that MHT has suspended all of its operations in Zambia except for those projects that are already work in progress,” Mr Ndambo said

Like Mr Ndambo, we are saddened that My Home Town has suspended operations as it gave hope to all for the future with a strong belief in oneness as MHT members.

Zambians must therefore take up the mantle and make a public appeal for Mr Ndambo to resume his charitable programmes in the country.

Government needs help in meeting people’s social needs and should be encouraging Mr Ndambo and others like him to continue with their good works instead of frustrating them.


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