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144 houses collapse in Chongwe


More than 144 houses have collapsed in Chongwe due to floods following the continued torential rains and the government has since moved in to provide assistance to the affected families, Chongwe Mayor Christopher Habeenzu has disclosed.

Mr. Habeenzu confirmed the development when he made a follow-up visit to Kapwayambale ward where 144 houses had collapsed.  Mr Habeenzu disclosed that the area was the most affected due to substandard houses and lack of proper drainages among other factors. 

He said that Madido and Ngwerere wards had also experienced floods, but without much infrastructure damage. 

Mr Habeenzu described the development as a disaster, stating that the houses collapsed on different dates, but between January 21 and Thursday January 26. 

He pointed out that poor drainage works along roads had also contributed to the flooding in the area. 

He was however happy that the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) had responded to the call for help and had since erected tents while food supplies were being delivered to aid the victims. 

Mr Habeenzu said the Zambia National Service (ZNS) was also in the area to unblock the water routes and to create other passages for the water to freely flow. Mr. Habeenzu assured the people that the local authority would continue to monitor the formation of settlements so as to avoid such calamities in the future. 

He said that the local authority would also continue to partner with relevant government agencies to address such disasters and thanked the DMMU and ZNS) for the quick response to the disaster.     

And Kapwayambale UPND ward vice chairman, Robson Miti disclosed that the floods had made mobility difficult as people were closed in and could not easily navigate their way out of the community.

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