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…ruling party official accuses millers of being PF, sabotaging UPND by increasing mealie meal prices to make Zambians revolt against government

THE United Party for National Development (UPND) has accused millers of aligning themselves with the Patriotic Front (PF) and are deliberately sabotaging the new dawn administration by increasing mealie meal prices so that Zambians could revolt against Government.

Beene Haachombwa, a member of the UPND campaign committee claims most millers were sympathizers of the former ruling party and that was why they had been increasing the prices of mealie meal with the aim of invoking anger among citizens so they could rise against an elected government.

 “We still have Patriotic Front millers who want to sabotage the UPND government by exaggerating mealie meal prices. The millers who are aligned to the PF have been increasing mealie meal prices so that Zambians could revolt and rise against a legitimately elected government,” Mr Hachoombwa said

Mealie meal prices have recently been increasing and has been fetching for as much as K250 per 25kg bag in some parts of the country. 

The staple food has become unaffordable for most families in the economically lower bracket and now the UPND believes the PF is yet again to blame for the escalating prices of the commodity.

But commenting on the situation, Mr Hachoombwa accused millers of being PF cadres who were purposely increasing the prices of the commodity in order to frustrate the UPND government of serving Zambians.

He said it was unfortunate that the country had continued to have people who were loyal to the people and sabotaging the government.

“These people are trying to create an impression that the UPND government has failed by exaggerating the prices of mealie meal. Miller should pull up their socks and still being inhuman because Zambia belongs to all of us and if the government fails then we all fail including them and the PF,” said Mr Hachoombwa

Mr Hachoombwa said it was unfortunate that the country had people who are working against the government by trying to turn the people against them when what is supposed to be happening was to work together to ensure that the cost of living reduces.

He warned the millers to desist from acts of sabotaging the UPND government because it was the citizens who were getting punished in the name of trying to frustrate the new dawn administration.

Mr Hachoombwa said it was unfortunate that the millers were taking advantage of the free market economy that the government was providing to punish the Zambians.

He said the millers should henceforth start doing the correct thing by rightly pricing the commodity for Zambians to be able to afford.

And Mr Hachoombwa said the UPND government should be praised for all the good the governing party had so far done for the Zambians

He said the government had brought back investor confidence and had made it possible for the country to obtain the International Monetary Fund (IMF) deal.

He said Zambians could now freely walk around and do as they please, a situation that was unheard of under the PF.

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