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IT is unacceptable for Mr Cornelius Mweetwa to shift blame for the reportedly rising corruption in
the new dawn administration to the Patriotic Front regime.
That is not what Zambians expect from anyone in the top hierarchy of the UPND to do. The
blame game must be discarded into the 2022 trash bin.
Now is the time for the new dawn administration to face problems boldly and not blame their
colleagues for the current ills afflicting them.
Corruption is not endemic and the least the government could do is to identify the culprits and
let the law take its course.
We find it ironic that the UPND, that prides itself as a “squeaky clean” organisation is blaming
the PF for the systematic rising corruption in the new dawn administration, claiming that the
ruling party inherited an entrenched and endemic corruption system.
Mr Mweetwa, the UPND spokesperson and Southern Province Minister, reacting to
Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) who have observed a trend of increasing corruption
under the party, especially in the procurement sector said the PF was responsible for corruption
taking place in the new dawn administration.

He said the corruption activities being witnessed in the UPND government were the remnants of
an inherited corrupt system because the governing party did not condone graft in all its forms.
But this is the same administration that has literally purged the civil service of anyone suspected
of being sympathetic to the former regime and replaced them with its own people.
And the results of this speaks for themselves – the collapsed health care delivery in which
hospitals do not have drugs and the erratic delivery of fertilser that threatens the nation’s food
The new dawn administration, as a fact, dismantled the procurement system claiming that it was
riddled with corruption and encouraged single sourcing.
While the new dawn administration has gone full throttle fighting any corruption committed
under the PF regime, it has taken a back seat to fight corruption within its ranks.
This is why it has been accused of fighting corruption in a selective manner, going after former
government leaders and ignoring those in service – its appointees.
Zambians have put their trust in the UPND because it convinced them that it has better
alternative policies to govern the country, including tackling corruption.
Mr Mweetwa should have addressed the concerns raised by TIZ squarely and not pass the
blame for he was merely “flogging a dead horse.”
What TIZ and other stakeholders as well as interest group seek is an assurance that their
concerns regarding corruption are being addressed.
The PF and their transgressions are history. The UPND is in the driver’s seat hence the focus
on what they are doing to rid the cancer of corruption in their administration.
That is what is expected of Mr Mweetwa and his colleagues, to assure the nation and take
responsibility. It should not just be claiming credit for the positives but also admitting the
negatives in the nation.
That is leadership Mr Mweetwa.


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