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I have more – Munir

…says President Hichilema spoke too soon in defence of his ministers as he has more evidence against the two, wonders why there is panic from Dr Musokotwane and Mr Milupi


MUNIR Zulu says he has more evidence against Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane and Mr Charles Milupi over their alleged involvement in corruption and that at the right time, the information has shall be released for Zambians to judge for themselves.

Mr Zulu, the general secretary of the African Parliamentarian Network Against Corruption (APNAC) has challenged Dr Musokotwane, the Finance Minister and his Infrastructure counterpart Charles Milupi to expedite the process of suing him instead of issuing threats against him.

Mr Zulu, who is the Lumezi Member of Parliament is wondering why President Hichilema is in panic over revelations that his two senior Cabinet Ministers were involved in corruption and had allegedly received US$250, 000 from a named contractor, money believed to be proceeds of crime.

The Lumezi Parliamentarian says State agents from the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) anti-fraud department and the police have been set on him and that he has been informed that his properties would be searched.

Mr Zulu said his decision not to release the evidence against Dr Musokotwane and Mr Milupi was causing a lot of anxieties and suspense for the two accused Ministers including President Hichilema.

He stated that had President Hichilema not commented on the allegations against Dr Musokotwane and Mr Milupi, he would have released part of the information he had to prepare the two Ministers of what was to come.

“Let them know that I am more than ready and I am at peace. I have never been malicious and I have no intention of maligning the two Ministers. But they should know that the list of allegations is long. I have more information than what I announced. Had President Hichilema not come so heavily on me, I could have released part of the evidence.”

“But now I am not sure what is going to happen that President Hichilema is involved in defending his Ministers even before they have been investigated. So, let them just sue me…it is very simple instead of setting the ACC and spies on me. It is not making sense…just take me court. I know that the suspence is killing them,” Mr Zulu said.

He said the ACC and other State agents were free to visit his properties and search them for as long as they would be doing so within the law.

Mr Zulu vowed he was going to take the matter to as far as he could for Zambians to know the truth about what was happening in the UPND government.

“President Hichilema should have called me privately to inquire from me about the information I have against his Ministers.

But instead, he decided to come down on me. He should have asked me about what was happening with his Ministers but the President as Commander In-Chief of the Defence Forces spoke too soon in defending Dr Musokotwane and Mr Milupi and I am wondering what this is coming to,” Mr Zulu said.

Mr Zulu announced that he would be reporting to the ACC today over the matter and that tomorrow (Tuesday) he would be reporting to the Police Force Headquarters for the same. 


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