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IT is wrong for the authorities to deny the obvious that is clear to everyone.  This is what leads to misinformation.

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When this happens, it is the ordinary citizens who bear the consequences as the ultimate authority in the land – the President – ends up getting cooked information, hence being unable to take remedial measures.

It cannot be denied that former president Edgar Lungu was harassed when he travelled to Mambwe for the Malaila traditional ceremony of the Kunda people. 

Video evidence is there.

That is why we find it strange that Inspector General of Police Graphael Musamba wants to mislead the nation by saying it was an exaggerated rumour.

According to Mr Musamba, the former head of State was accorded the best courtesy by the ruling party zealots.

If the behaviour of those ruling party zealots that has been captured at Mfuwe Airport and the main arena shows courtesy, then Mr Musamba is not being honest even with himself. 

Eastern Province Minister Peter Phiri has confirmed the attack on the former President but claims that those who harassed him were not UPND cadres but angry unidentified youths.

So why should a firsthand witness, Chief Chisunka, the chairman of the House of Chiefs condemn what he described as the inhuman attack and abuse Mr Lungu suffered and endured at the hands of the UPND cadres and is urging the ruling party to tame its cadres?

Chief Chisunka says he is disappointed and unhappy with the conduct of the UPND who showed total disrespect against Mr Lungu and the traditional leadership in Mambwe and the entire Eastern Province.

Chief Chisunka said he was enraged that he had travelled all the way from Luapula to Mambwe only to witness the UPND cadres in conjunction with some government officials attack and abuse former President Lungu and the traditional leadership.

Mr Musamba said according to the briefing from his police officers in Mambwe, former President Lungu was well received at Mfuwe Airport and that there were no attempts to block him by either the police or the UPND cadres.

He said it was not possible for the UPND cadres to attempt to attack former President Lungu because Rodney Sikumba, the Minister of Tourism who was representing President Hakainde Hichilema was in constant contact with the police command at the ceremony.

“That is not the briefing I got from my police officers. Unless you are telling me that they lied and I have never known them to lie. What I know is that it was rumoured that he (former President Lungu) was going to be stopped but he was allowed to attend the ceremony. 

“People tend to exaggerate things when they want to be heard…they say things that are not there. They (UPND cadres) gave him (former president Lungu) his rightful place and everything went on well,” Mr Musamba said.

The best Mr Musamba should do is to admit that his officers failed to perform and restore order that they fed him only information that he wanted to hear – the courtesy version. 

He needs to face the truth to protect his professional image and remove the innuendo that he is a political cadre in police uniform.



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